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Sorrowful haresThe Art for Charlie Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity established in 2012 in East Lansing, Michigan, to help children with life limiting illness and all families bereaved by the death of a child.

We support pediatric hospice and families who have a child with life limiting illness or who are suffering bereavement from the death of a child.

We raise money through art events to focus on joy and beauty rather than sadness, while also bringing art to the community.

Our annual Art Auctions feature contributions from artists in Michigan and from across the US, the United Kingdom, Italy and France, and auction prizes from local merchants. Our 2015 show is on Friday, November 6 at the Marriott in downtown East Lansing. (Click to join as a participating artist).

 In early fall of  2015 we will repeat the successful 2014 Pediatric Palliative Care and Bereavement conference which brought together professionals from around the state.

We launched our #CouragetobeKind campaign in February, 2015, to spread the message of caring for others among schools and communities.

Remembering children through art
There are many moving examples where children escape the reality of sickness or trauma through images they draw or paint. Sometimes the pictures express emotions a child cannot put into words.  The Foundation publishes canvas enlargements of such pictures as a permanent memento for parents and, with their permission, exhibits them to tell their stories and spread the word.

Memories through pictures
Let us tell your child's story with a picture.

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Conference Report

Charlie and the Foundation.
John Waller
Interview with Charlie's father, Dr. John Waller,


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 Esther Waller
Esther Waller's talk
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