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Art for Charlie Foundation
The Art for Charlie Foundation serves children with life limiting illness, 
supports their families, and brings art to the community

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        Palliative care and bereavement support      

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Helping Institutions

The special considerations of palliative and hospice care for dying children are unique.  Sadly the need for such care is not rare. In the US alone more than 50,000 children become terminally ill every year, whether from disease or congenital condition.

Yet many hospitals lack the specially trained staff that are needed, and this is a gap that the Foundation seeks to fill.

SparrowLast year the Foundation Donation to Sparrowmade a grant of $20,000 to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing to facilitate their pediatric hospice program.



Hospice of MichiganThe Foundation made a grant of $10,000 to Hospice of Michigan's Pediatric Early Care program to start a "Quality of Life" fund for east Michigan, an area that, in addition to East Lansing, includes the population centers of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Port Huron and Saginaw.

Their Pediatric Early Care program fills the gaps of many hospital based programs and provides much needed home care as well as support for bereaved families. The fund, designed to help families in need, matches a similar fund already established for west Michigan.


Helping Individuals

An important part of our mission is helping families to deal with the devastation of dealing with terminal illness and to try to offer them some relief from the pain of bereavement. Sometimes an individual grant is needed to overcome specific hardship, sometimes we can help to preserve cherished memories, but our primary focus is on the therapeutic relief of healing retreats.

Individual Grants

Where funds permit, the Foundation will consider grants to individual families with needs that fall outside hospice programs.

Families seeking individual grants should send an initial email to grants@artforcharlie.org to include:

Name of child, diagnosis and relevant dates,
Names of participating family members with ages of children
Purpose of grant.

Preserving Memories
GiraffeChildren's pictures are often memories to be preserved. Sometimes they have a story to them, and publishing the picture and story helps to spread the word about the need for hospice care. We select children's pictures that can be printed on canvas frame for exhibition, sending a duplicate to the family. For further information, go to "Pictures may be stories only a child can tell."


Healing Retreats
We offer scholarships for healing retreats combined with grief counseling for families in the immediate aftermath of bereavement.  

We are building partnerships with grief-trained therapists to manage retreats in quiet and beautiful locations. As an example, see:  Growing Edge Adventures for healing retreats on Cape Cod. To apply please email us with the information outlined under "Individual Grants" above.


How we achieve our objectives

To raise funds for our cause, Art for Charlie seeks sponsorships from businesses, sells cards and artwork, and arranges art shows, sales and auctions.  Our aim is to harness the artistic creativity of young and old, amateur and professional, to support our objective of helping children with brain stem cancer, or other terminal illness, and helping their families to heal.

We organize children's art shows, partly as fund raisers, but also to bring art to the community and find our artists for the future.



And we also solicit donations!


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